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September 10th, 2011 by admin

M1 Genie Civil

Answers to today’s questions :

A review article aims to resume the current state of research on a specific topic. The author(s) should provide a coherent view of the topic based on a broad range of (mostly) research articles relevant to that topic. A term that is often used in relation to review articles is “state of the art”.

Ideally, you will find out (1) the names of the main researchers working in a field (2) recent major advances and discoveries that have been made (3) the significant gaps in the research (4) any current debates, and (5) what future directions are possible or probable for research in the field.

The two main common words in this article that have specialised meanings are ‘hydration’ and ‘curing’. See an online dictionary such as dictionary.com or wordreference.com for more information.

Bilingual Dictionary
Dictionary of building and Civil Engineering, Don Montague, 1996 Taylor & Francis e-book : Review copy here