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September 28th, 2009 by admin

Proposition de traduction

Cantharides, or Spanish fly. In powdered form ingesting it leads to inflammation of the urinary tract and congestion of the penis, sometimes causing a prolonged erection. It is highly toxic and taking it may lead to renal hemorraging and death.

Yohimbine, a vasodilator produced from the bark of an African tree, increases the blood flow to the penis, causing an erection. However, this substance is toxic in high doses and should be proscribed in cases of liver disease or high blood pressure.

Ginseng, which is a plant found in Asia or North America, is undoubtedly the most famous aphrodisiac in the world, but its effectiveness has never been proved. Ginseng is sometimes mixed with nux vomica which contains strychnine, a stimulant, but an extremely dangerous one.

Mandrake, famous for its phallus-like shape, is the root of a Mediterrnean plant. It actually contains many toxic substances.

Nutmeg stimulates desire, but leads to cramps, and in large doses, intoxication.

Bois Bandé, which comes from a tree in the Caribbean Islands, and whose role as a vasodilator has never been proven, is thought to lead to many side effects.

Rhinoceros horn, used in its powdered form in the far East, has no medical value as the basis to increase sexual appetite.